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January 13th, 2012

WindEnergy7 operates out of Ohio USA with worldwide distribution. WindEnergy7 exports our home wind and solar products all over the world with exports to Europe, Africa, Asia, Mexico, and Canada. WindEnergy7 enjoys a broad customer base spanning over 40 states in the USA. The president and founder of WindEnergy7 has several inventions, many innovations, and has supported and trained installers and technicians all over the world.

For video of our products, training, and support, see our WindEnergy7 YouTube Channel . WindEnergy7 has over 120 videos to demonstrate products and help to train customers about home energy systems.

Your time is here. I see it as plain as day. How about GE RoofMillâ„¢? Let me say it here! Lynda Lyday wants to be your spokesperson! I see the commercial now…my tool’s battery being charged by your wind turbines! Oh wait, let’s shoot it for Christmas and then my Holiday lights can be lit up by your turbine too! ;-)
– 3 weeks ago by llyday

I checked out a lot of energy systems,and I feel personaly that Windenergy7 is the best out there.
– 3 weeks ago by dgtfishing

i believe Windenergy7 and its roofmill system has finally given the average homeowner the chance to effectivly harness, and truely benefit from solar and wind power without breaking the bank. GREAT JOB!!!
– 2 weeks ago by

I researched this Hybrid Roof mill system for at least a year and found it to be the most solid heavy duty system on the market I purchased the system over a year and a half ago I have had no vibration problems, no noise problems and have been very happy with the whole system. I’m thinking of adding to it this Summer. Windenergy7 has been very helpful with any concerns or support that I have needed over this time. Great System!!
– 3 weeks ago by guytstephens

I am and have been in the market looking for alternative power. I came across the roofmill kit and started looking into it. I just didnt take the info from the website I actually called the inventor/founder and spoke to him directly. Not only did he answer all my questions but gave other great advise. I took it a step further and took the information on the kit to my local buidling inspector and he too thought it was a good idea. I was asked the same questions as I see in other post about vibrations and noise. After collecting the info I was told the roofmills would be ok according to city ordiance, pretty strict on noise hear. I then went to my local light and power plant with this idea. After pulling 3 years of power usage I found I would be able to run my house using the kit for 7 months out of the year, on average and depending on the weather. I really think the roofill bybrid kit is a good design and good product.
– 3 weeks ago by Shawn112

I think windEnergy has one of the best designs out there for the home owner. They have certainly done a tremendous amount of front end work to support folks who have an interest of doing something with energy. I like the idea that wind/or solar is do able with their system. Grid or hybrid. I personally like the idea of reducing a bill and keeping a utility. Why sell back to the utility at wholesale prices, enjoy the benefit yourself.
– 3 weeks ago by fddeak

I visited a triple installation in Ohio, stood right under it, could hardly hear it running! The neighborhood birds made more noise. What a deal!
– Mar 10 2011 by DeAnna Phillips

Unlike most ideas I have seen here, this system is real, practical, in production, and has been installed many, many times. You can’t argue with success. and you can’t make a better investment than in something that is already proven.
– Mar 10 2011 by whargis

Email us for dealer inquiry, we can reply with current system pricing and availability.

If you are interested in starting a wind project for your residence or acreage, contact us. To Buy a Wind Turbine or Become a Dealer, Please fill out our Contact Form. The system will automatically send you some additional info.

Home Wind Turbine

November 21st, 2010

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Home Wind Turbine

November 21st, 2010

http://WINDENERGY7.COM – Our Home Wind Turbine contact form will connect you with the home wind turbine dealer for your area. There are still areas open for new dealers to become the local source for wind/solar systems. So, if you are interested in becoming a home wind turbine dealer fill out the Contact Form at – – and we can see if your area may still be open for you to become the home wind turbine dealer for your county.

You will find links to pictures that I have published of home wind turbine rooftop system installations done recently. Some are featured in newspaper articles and so forth. WindEnergy7 LLC has invented and filed for patents on a few of the technologies that make home rooftop wind turbines feasible. We have been busy training and supporting owners and dealers from California to New Jersey over the past couple of years to expand our network of local home wind turbine dealers.

Our home wind turbene systems are Wind/Solar Hybrid, and are qualified for government tax crdedits of 30%. So, for your investment made in these systems the IRS credits you back 30% within one year of purchase. You get 30% back from the IRS. So, basically the government will pay for almost 1/3 of your investment made in your new home wind turbine energy system. This includes all installation costs and expenses and is a real nice start on your investment payback.

Free electricity isnt all you get from a new home wind turbine, as soon as your system is up, you have improved your home value by atleast an equal amount of the investment. Your green energy home is more likely to sell compared to others with no home generation or emergency power system. Think about it. Look at homes for sale.. Can any of them generate their own free electricity, how many can compete with such a solid green energy capability like your home wind turbine delivers. Its also an attention getter and will bring people to see what its about if you ever need to sell, your home has a dramatic edge and a higher resale value.

The home wind turbine systems are designed for reliable power output for the next 30 years or so. With every price increase of the utility company power your investment gets better all the time. Utility costs are rising all over and will accelerate over the next few years. We expect the cost of electricity to rise and double over Obamas term in office due to cap and trade and increased regulation and market pressure.

To see more videos of our home wind turbines, go to – – and you can find info about becoming an owner, installer, or dealer of our home wind turbine systems.

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